Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ready LXP?

Wouldn’t you love to have a mentor for every teacher in your district? Ready LXP can’t clone your coaches, but it provides an easy-to-use platform for your teachers (both new and experienced) to access job-embedded learning, customized strategies, suggested resources, and to communicate with their mentors!

We’ve already invested a lot in Professional Development. How does Ready LXP integrate with our current PD content?

Every district and school has differing professional development needs, and we do not profess to know those needs. Instead, Ready LXP allows you to put the content, documents, videos, and any other professional development resources you have directly into the platform and distribute it to your teachers through their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How does our current PD content get added?

There are two options to add your current content to Ready LXP.

  • DIY! You take your content and break it down into meaningful pieces and add it to Ready LXP through our CMS.
  • We do it for you! We work with you to understand your needs and available resources. Then we create meaningful microlearning strategies and import everything into Ready LXP.

How is using Ready LXP different from using our current LMS for professional development?

Most professional development assumes that the biggest challenge for teachers is a lack of knowledge of teaching strategies. And the assumption is that when teachers learn those strategies, they will be able to use that information to change the classroom experience.

But – the biggest challenge isn’t in learning the strategies. It’s about implementing, practicing, and adjusting those strategies for each teacher’s individual needs.

Ready LXP is not just a place to provide online PD courses for your teachers. It's delivering PD, then providing the opportunity for follow up, coaching, communication, and feedback - so that teachers can implement those strategies effectively, and grow professionally.

How do teachers access the PD?

Teachers can access PD strategies, resources, and assigned content from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone - anywhere that they have an internet connection.